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The Blue Streak Story

Blue Streak Studios are a network of full service voice over recording studios, managed and operated by audio producers and voice over talents Kevin West and Christine Bloxom. While Blue Streak does audio production and editing from our main studios in Florida, our voice over talent work from a network of state-of-the-art studios located around the world. Our world-wide network of hundreds of broadcast quality voiceover studios means you can connect to voice over actors all over the world, and record and direct your session from anywhere. Link to our voice over studio network via ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype or even a plain old telephone. Our dedicated staff of engineers offers voiceover recording, editing, mixing, mastering and post-production.

Since 2005, Blue Streak has been the secret weapon of ad agencies and creative directors nationwide. Blue Streak is quickly becoming one of the best known voice over recording studios in USA. Our studios are equipped to handle your project from beginning to end.  From casting voiceover and providing basic dry voice over work, to creative full broadcast ready audio production, you can trust Blue Streak with your project. We have top voice over pros at our fingertips to give your project the extra edge. Add amazing audio production to maximize your sound to the fullest.

We have years of experience in many areas of vo recording, including radio and tv commercials, imaging, localization, jingle production, custom music and much more. Here at Blue Streak, we always go that extra mile to give you the best finished product we can. Take a look at our recording facilities and view the services we offer to find out why Blue Streak is your best choice.

Voiceovers and Production

Voiceover talent

We meet a lot of voiceover talent here at Blue Streak. Fifteen years of producing voiceover for some of the biggest ad agencies and production companies in the world has given us the opportunity to work with the biggest vo talent on the planet.  Our clients love the convenience of working with Blue Streak vo talent. We curate the perfect voice for your project assuring that your voice talent sounds great,  works from a pro quality studio and and is easy to work with. Just tell us about the voice you need and we will send you exactly the kind of voice you need in minutes.

voiceover production

Blue Streak knows how to mix things up. The right blend of voice, music and sound effects turns your voiceover into a masterpiece. We have mixed thousands of radio and TV commercials, business presentations, promos and imaging pieces, podcasts and more. Our producers are award winning audio experts skilled in making voiceovers sound amazing.



It takes connections to become a Blue Streak voiceover talent.  All of our voiceover pros work from state-of-the-art voiceover studios equipped to connect with any studio worldwide. Our studio network boasts hundreds of top vo talent all geared up with ISDN, Source Connect, ipDPTL, Skype, phone patch and more. You can work  and direct your vo sessions from the luxury of your favorite recording studio while listening to our talent in full broadcast quality digital sound.

Book a voiceover with Blue Streak today and connect to top voiceover talent.

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